Business Purpose

We will grow in market segments where we can provide differentiated and value-added solutions to complex problems. We will solidify our position as the industry leader by being the preferred solutions provider and providing our customers a competitive advantage.

Driving Force:

Distinctive Product and Process Capabilities

Areas of Excellence

To execute Our Strategy, we must fulfill the required capabilities in each area:

Main Icons Chart 02
  • Respond to customer technical questions quickly
  • Rapidly translate customer needs into solutions
  • Develop proprietary and breakthrough products
  • Establish and maintain process expertise and excellence
  • Capture internal “know-how”
Main Icons Chart 04
  • Be Safe and Engaged
  • Practice System Thinking
  • Develop and execute standard work
  • Identify and eliminate waste
  • Employ root cause problem solving
  • Perform daily management 
  • Control key process variables 
Main Icons Chart 06
  • Think, act and execute in a future outcome manner
  • Translate broad strategies into actionable plans
  • Demonstrate market knowledge
  • Segment and target markets based on potential value and growth
  • Provide timely customer solutions
  • Support the go-to-market approach and advantage
Main Icons Chart 08
  • Acquire talent on an ongoing basis
  • Provide attractive mix of rewards and recognition
  • Sustain a high-performance environment
  • Employ a living strategic work plan
  • Develop talent based upon criticality to the organization
  • Anticipate changing requirements of a shifting workforce and marketplace
  • Create compelling careers

How does Our Strategy help Carpenter succeed?